russian handmaden souvenirs, gifts, porcelain dolls, in national clouthes, angels, talismans, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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    The "DOLLS` home" SERVICES

    This site is a show-window of the investement project "The DOLLS` home" started in the beginning of 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Read more here >>>>>>

    The "DOLLS` home" represents:
  • The extensive, regularly updated thematic on-line CATALOG of serial handmade porcelain dolls and other goods from St.Petersburg and Northwest region of Russia with descriptions, WHOLESALE prices and an online ORDER SISTEM;

    The Dolls` home has developed more than 200 models of dolls.

  • our AUTHOR`S DOLLS department where we shall tell about foremen and artists who makes author's dolls.
    You can order an author's doll for your collection or for a present. It can be a doll from submitted for sale at this site or created by your own plot. We guarantee uniqueness and quality of the product.
  • COMMENTS, TALES, LEGENDS about national traditions and prototypes of our dolls also.

    Additional services.
  • Would you like to send a gift to your friend? - the "D`h" may send a gift FROM YOU to YOUR FRIEND to any destination.
  • Our designers may create an exclusive model for your special order and/or a set (read more here >>>>>>)

  • We would like to recommend !
      PORCELAIN  HANDMADEN  DOLL is an excellent independent gift for yourself, your friends or relatives.

    The "DOLLS` home" offeres some ideas for ENTERPRISES, FIRMS, TEAMS and FAMILIES also >>>>>>

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